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ASTRO Gaming A10 Gaming Headset Reviewed

ASTRO Gaming A10 Gaming Headset

Astro is a premium brand known for high-end headsets. However, the Astro A10 headsets are an affordable option for people working on a tight budget. Despite being budget headsets, they still deliver quality sound and performance compared to other headsets within the same price range.

The headsets come in three colors depending on the device that you want to use. Red A10 headsets are for PCs; blue ones are for PS4 while green ones are for Xbox. The Astro A10 headsets might be different in color, but they are the same in performance.

Flexible and study

Foam padding for the top of the head

Gaming enthusiasts will love the flexible and sturdy look of the headsets. They are comfortable and painless to wear. Despite the exterior being made of plastic, it still has steel reinforcement to make them flexible to wear. Another feature we enjoyed was the ear and head padding for additional comfort. Not something all headsets in this price bracket include.

That said, since these are budget headsets, you will notice that the padding is made from felt fabric and not the superior leather material found on premium headsets. The felt fabric feels good under the ears and head. When gaming for long hours, the memory foam padding will keep you comfortable.


Activate the mic by pulling it down

The Astro A10 headset offers good sound quality. When playing games, the sound is clear and crisp. Despite not being at the same quality level of premium units, the acoustics on the A10 was still better than other entry level units at the same price point.

The boom microphone also enhances the performance of the headsets. The microphone works based on flip technology. To mute the microphone, all you do is to flip it upwards and away from your mouth. This is a good trick when gaming because it does not interfere with the game.

Versatile Connectivity

The Astro A10 has a range of connectivity options except for wireless. The cabled connectivity is compatible with a variety of devices including PCs, PS4, and Xbox.

No matter your gaming style you can be sure that these headsets will fit your preference. Likewise, the wired connection enhances the audio sound. With these headsets, you get good sound quality and performance.

Final Thoughts

The Astro A10 is an excellent choice when working with a limited budget. These headsets might not offer the sound quality you get from high-end headsets, but they still provide crisp, clear sound. The padding and flexibility offer a nice feel and makes wearing the headsets comfortable and pain-free.