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Amp Up Your Nintendo Switch With Creative s Sound BlasterX G6

Sound BlasterX G6

Sitting squarely in the space between an external soundcard, amplifier, and an external DAC, the Creative Sound BlasterX G6 helps to take your game console sound experience to the next level.

The Creative Sound BlasterX G6 works particularly well with the Nintendo Switch. Because of its portable nature, the sound coming out of the Switch isn’t as high-powered or as authentic as it could or maybe should be.

The Sound BlasterX G6 remedies that problem.

Initial Impression

Essentially, a beefed-up version of the G5 predecessor model, this miniature amplifier has been tuned to take your video gaming sound quality to the next level.

Capable of putting out 130 dB through 32-bit/384 kHz DAC – with onboard support for Dolby Digital sound decoding (as well as both 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound) – this is a game-changing sound system from top to bottom.

Only slightly larger than a pack of cards and very much “device agnostic”, the compatibility and flexibility of this system is off the charts. You get a lot of value for your money with the Sound BlasterX G6 from Creative, that’s for sure.

Overall Design

As we highlighted above, the creative Sound BlasterX G6 is ridiculously compact compared to other external sound amplifying systems for game consoles.

Slim, discrete, but filled to the brim with heavy-duty hardware it does require a constant power source for operation, however. Micro USB, optical cable, and traditional 3.5 mm hardware jacks are available. You’ll find that connecting your Nintendo Switch (or any other videogame hardware, for that matter) becomes a breeze with this system.

The entire package is durable and made out of high-quality construction components. Creative has a legendary reputation for long-lasting hardware, and this looks like it will be no exception.

Ease of Setup

You don’t have to be a sound engineer to make the most of everything the Sound BlasterX G6 brings to the table.

There’s zero calibration necessary to get the most out of this sound system. All you have to do is plug your audio cable directly into the Creative Sound BlasterX G6, and you are off to the races.

Likewise, there are onboard options that allow you to make adjustments to get perfect audio fidelity out of this sound module.


There’s no denying that the quality of the audio your video games put out on the Switch improves the moment you start to route it through the Sound BlasterX G6.

Scout Mode
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Scout Mode technology built right in improves ambient noises. It improves the in-game experience by enhancing critical audio cues. Sounds relating to footsteps and weapon switching is a lot clearer enabling you to pinpoint your opponents quickly.

You have total control over the gain, amplification of individual audio elements, and the opportunity to turn on or turn off SPX sound mode. As highlighted above, you get full 5.1 and 7.1 virtual surround sound options if you decide to go down that direction, too.

Final Verdict

The Sound BlasterX G6 is ridiculously inexpensive for all it brings to the table.

Retailing right out of the box at around AU $230 (though deals and discounts aren’t tough to find online) this is a must-have accessory for portable gamers serious about their audio setup.

While there is not quite as much flexibility or versatility with this system when it comes to watching television or streaming media, this is very much a focused videogame device.

The G6 is audio hardware that makes big promises – and honestly, it exceeds those promises every step of the way.

Check out the Creative Sound BlasterX G6 today.