Amazon is Coming to Australia!

Hold onto your hats – and your pocketbooks – Australia! The multi-billion dollar online retailer that has taken the US and the UK by storm will soon be available in the land down under!

The US-based company, which was founded by Jeff Bezos, has its sights on Australia. This mega online retailer has announced that their first fulfillment center will be located in Dandenong South, Victoria. They plan to have their flagship Australian website up and running by the latter part of 2018. This new is quite exciting for Australians, as they will be able to take advantage of easy online shopping. The company has promised that they will be offering Australian consumers a vast amount of products. Though the official amount of products that will be available is unknown, it is expected to be quite significant.

The type of products that will be available on Amazon’s Australian platform isn’t known, as the company is keeping rather quiet about what will be offered. However, retail analysts believe that the first products that will be offered via the flagship site include electronics, books and clothing. It also appears that food delivery is also going to be a priority, as Amazon Fresh is reportedly going to be a part of the site’s launch. Initially, it looks like packaged goods will only be available, though depending on success rates, fresh foods, including produce, could also be offered.

It’s not clear how fast Amazon products will be delivered to consumers; but, experts anticipate that it delivery will be rather quick. The site plans to offer Prime Now service, which provides fast shipping to members, as well as a number of other features.

It’s not currently known if Amazon will be using its own courier service or if they will be using third parties for deliveries. They had discussions earlier in the year with Australia Post who have their own express courier service under the StarTrack brand. Whichever they decide, the introduction of Amazon to Australia is sure be a success.

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