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Alfawise AS01 3-Axis Intelligent Handheld Gimbal Review

Outdoor photography can often become more difficult than it needs to be. Conditions outside can make it more difficult for you to get the exact shots you want. You can deal with the challenges of outdoor photography with the help of the Alfawise AS01 3-Axis Intelligent Handheld Gimbal.

It’s a user-friendly gimbal above everything else. However, this Alfawise product can also help your pictures turn out better.

User-Friendly Design

You only need one hand to operate the Alfawise AS01 3-Axis Intelligent Handheld Gimbal properly. It’s easy to change the positioning of the smartphone and the mode used. Doing so requires simply pressing the buttons on the gadget.

All the buttons needed for operation are placed well. You don’t have to stretch out your finger to get to them.

You may not even have to put that much effort into setting up the gimbal. Its active tracking feature locks on to faces and objects quickly. The feature makes it easier for you to produce clear images.

Alfawise’s Gimbal is also going to work well for extended photo shoots. You don’t have to worry about it shutting down unexpectedly. This gimbal can work for up to eight hours with no issue.

Other Specs to Consider

You’re getting decent working range from this gimbal. The Alfawise AS01 3-Axis Intelligent Handheld Gimbal can pan from -35 to +35 degrees. Its roll reaches 320 degrees, while its tilt maxes out at 120 degrees.

However, it does have a tougher time keeping up with high-speed targets. You’ll have more success relying on the 360-panorama feature for that.

This gimbal is also limited somewhat by its capacity. You won’t be able to use devices larger than six inches on it. That rules out a lot of phablets. We were hoping to use it with our Huawei P30 Pro, but it seemed to be too much of a beast for it. The iPhone 8 worked fine being a much lighter device.

Final Words

Amateur photographers and hobbyists will get plenty of good use out of the Alfawise AS01 3-Axis Intelligent Handheld Gimbal. Professionals looking for something that will help with more complicated shots will probably need a different gimbal.