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Alcatel 1X Android Smartphone Reviewed

The Alcatel 1X was released earlier this year, and just a few months into its introduction the phone is already proving to be a popular budget option for consumers. Here’s the essential rundown about the Alcatel 1X and what you need to know about the features this powerful little phone has to offer.


The Alcatel 1X comes with a 5.3-inch display with a 480×960 pixel resolution. That’s perfect for those who normally have to set their fonts to “large” or consider other smartphones on the budget end of the market to be a little too small. The 1X’s display offers you all the clarity you need – even if you want to watch movies.


Alcatel 1X Camera Lens

The Alcatel 1X comes with two powerful little cameras in front and back; the front-facing camera has an impressive 5-megapixel resolution, and the rear camera comes with 8-megapixel resolution. It’s not as much as some phones you might find on the market, but it does the job – while the Alcatel 1X’s camera might not win you any world photography awards, it’s the perfect choice for when you just need to capture life’s little moments or take a few snaps for your personal or professional social media page.

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RAM & Processor

There’s more than enough processing speed packed into the 1X’s impressive little package: It’s got a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor. It has all the processing power you need for the essential smartphone functions and comes with 1GB of RAM.

Onboard Storage

The Alcatel 1X comes with 16GB of built-in storage – and that’s several thousand songs, video clips or documents. For most people and professionals, that’s all they need to keep their most essential files on their device – and there’s added space to insert a micro-USB or micro-SD if you’d like some more external storage space for your device.

Operating System

The Alcatel 1X is one of the first phones to be powered by Android Go (also called Android Oreo – Go Edition); this operating system has been developed by Google to give you the power you need for the most essential applications without overloading your device as many operating systems will do.

Final Thoughts

The Alcatel 1X focuses on essential use. This makes it perfect for people who need a device that can do what it needs to without fancy or expensive bells, whistles and cumbersome features. It’s great as a second phone for work – or a replacement phone when you need one in a hurry, and it’s already the go-to option for many professionals.

The overall performance of the Alcatel 1X is satisfactory, and the talk time is reported to be up to 26 hours when fully charged. It’s excellent for when you need a phone that performs, but you can’t afford to smash your piggy bank to pieces to make it happen.