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Alcatel 1X – A Phone That Does

Alcatel 1X

The Alcatel 1x is the phone that everybody can enjoy. Whether you want your teen to have a beautiful, new phone she can feel proud of using around her friends without breaking the bank, or you need a phone with excellent features but don’t want to spend a bundle, this is the nicest one we’ve seen in a while. It doesn’t compromise on quality but still is offered at an affordable price.


For a small outlay, you get some nice stuff in this little package. Check out our favourite Alcatel 1x specs:

  • 5.3-inch display
  • Weighs 151 g
  • Android Oreo GO O/S
  • Suede back
  • 18:9 aspect ratio
  • The battery takes less than 3.5 hours to charge


For anybody out there, the camera is arguably the most fun part of a smartphone. After all, this is how we share our memories and connect with our friends near and far.

The camera on this little droid doesn’t quit. The camera is ready for all your social needs, whether you are posting to your Instagram or snapping up a storm on Snapchat.

You can look forward to an 8 MP (interpolated to 13 MP) rear camera and a 5MP (interpolated to 8MP) front-facing camera complete with flashes on either side. Both of these cameras are equipped with “social mode” so you can quickly edit, enhance and share as much and often as you would like.

You can even look forward to the “instant collage” feature on the Alcatel 1x. Just select your layout, use the viewfinder, and put together your memories into one handy collage which you can then share with friends in a second.

Alcatel 1x perfect #StudentLife


Teens especially love to express themselves, and adults love the ability to choose just what they like. This phone has one attractive feature; many others do not – a rainbow of colours to choose!

You can pick whatever colour represents your personality the best: black, blue, purple, teal, or red. While most phones are stuck being black or white, we love that consumers can choose a colour they like.


For many of us, price is the kicker. It is the single most significant factor that helps us decide if we will or will not make a purchase.

Thankfully the decision will be an easy one for you. The pricing on the Alcatel 1x is very affordable, and even if you must save up for it, it won’t take you long at all. At sub AU$200, you get the Android performance you desire and still have some funds left in your wallet.

Other Cool Features

If you love the facial recognition tech found on some other high-end phones, the Alcatel Face Key will be a winner for you. The screen-to-body ratio is 83%, the top and bottom of the phone do not obstruct your screen.

Final Thoughts

All in all, we recommend this phone if you need a reliable device that won’t break the bank. If you have kids bugging you for a phone, this is a far more economical investment when compared to the high-end alternatives.