AIO Robotics Announce All-In-One 3D Copy Machine (Fax, Scan & Print)

ALL-IN-ONE 3D copy machine

ALL-IN-ONE 3D copy machine

3D printing start-up firm , AIO Robotics, posted on the RepRap forums their intentions of building an all-in-one 3D print/scan and fax device.

We are the startup AIO Robotics and developed a new 3D copy machine. We created a 3D printer with an integrated 3D scanner. The idea is to have an all-in-one 3D printer that is capable of 3D scanning, 3D printing, 3D copying, and 3D faxing. The machine has a 7-inch color touchscreen with an on-board computer (ARM based) so the printer can totally work by itself without connection to a desktop computer. The on-board computer also handles 3D scanning data (HD camera pictures from a swiping laser) and uploads the data to the cloud for final 3D reconstruction.

Not only did they approach users about suggestions and feedback, but they also advised that they already¬†have developed a working prototype. Sure, it’s no transporter beam or replication technology from your favourite Sci-Fi but it’s getting pretty darn close now.

What are you thoughts on where this technology is heading? Let us know below.

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