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AF45W Wireless Bluetooth Earphones: Superior Sound On A Budget

The new AF45W Wireless Bluetooth headphones by Audiofly has been getting a lot of attention, and all for the right reasons. These headphones are the new kid on the block offering a sound experience like no other. For those looking for a good pair of headphones that meet high standards, this is one to consider.

But what is it about the AF45W Wireless Bluetooth headphones that have made the product so increasingly popular? It is the reasonable price that one pays for the product, the sound quality that it offers, the look and feel of the product or a combination of all those factors and much more.

Audiofly AF45W Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Locally priced at $89.99 at JB Hi-Fi, these headphones offer quality equivalent to some of its more expensive counterparts. More often than not, people looking to buy headphones in this price range have to either settle for something that is inferior in quality or a product that is overpriced. Overall, getting a product for this price is a deal that one should not miss out on.

If you have a preference for headphones, you may want something that will give you a superior surround sound without making it seem like you are settling for something inferior. The AF45W Wireless Bluetooth headphones are compact and have its power sources located in the tiny compartments in the cables. Don’t be fooled by the size of this product, since it is power packed as you have never seen before.

I found the headphones gave a good quality base with the right modulations and limits. The size of the buds also made for a snug fit inside my ears. The earphones use studio quality equalization to provide the listeners with nothing short of the very best when they are making use of the AF45W Wireless Bluetooth headphones.

One of the problems that people tend to face when using headphones is breakage of the wires. This can significantly affect the quality of sound that one receives, and can also reduce the lifespan of the product. The AF45W Wireless Bluetooth headphones are built for those who lead an active lifestyle and is meant to be tough and durable. The headphones are also sweat resistant, so they don’t get damaged no matter how much you sweat it out at the gym. The other feature I liked about these headphones was an equally weighted area on the side without the controls. This helped the headphone remain centered around my neck.

Last but not the least, is the comfort that this product provides when one begins to use it. Headphones can sometimes get hard to use because of how uncomfortable they can be, but this particular pair of earphones are designed for superior comfort, so you never feel anything besides sweet, sweet music in your ears.

Because of the host of incredible features that this product has to offer, coupled with the price, more people are going in for the AF45W Wireless Bluetooth headphones, making this something that anyone looking for a good pair of headphones must consider.

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