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About GeekLingo

Hi and welcome to GeekLingo,

Please answer these three questions:

Do you want the latest and best tech news about current and emerging technologies for home and small business use?

Great you have come to the right place! At GeekLingo we will provide you with the most informative and relevant news. All the news will be about everyday tech stuff that matters to you. You will not find news here about products that only the big corporate companies can afford.

Are you looking for cool tech reviews that you can really trust?

Here you will only find unbiased reviews. We will never waste your time reviewing products that are just poor. We are very selective, and only review products that are relevant to you and worth purchasing.

You will not find any “paid for” reviews on GeekLingo. We will cut through the tech mumbo jumbo and base our product assessments on their practicality. GeekLingo is the website that you can trust for honest and fair reviews.

Are you looking for the most informative tech editorials that are not full of technical jargon?

We have you covered here too. All our editorials are written using plain language and designed for the non-technical user. As a home or small business user you want the information about technology that is important to you, and you will find that here on GeekLingo.

The site owner has an extensive background in technology and uses this fully to provide useful tech editorials for you. We do cater to a global market, but because we are based in Australia a lot of editorials are tailored to the home market.

Why you should Trust GeekLingo

We will provide the very best home and small business tech information for you because we live and breathe tech and IT. You will only see products reviewed on GeekLingo that are appropriate for the home and small business market. You do not have to be a technical expert to benefit from the use of technology, so all our information is written using every day, non-technical language.

Our aim is to answer all your questions in the reviews and editorials that we provide. If you have additional questions then we will always answer these promptly for you. GeekLingo has strong relationships with the product vendors, and can get technical questions answered by them fast. This means that you will have all the answers that you need very quickly – and that’s a promise.

GeekLingo is unique from other tech review and information sites as we will never just churn out content just for the sake of it. We will only write about the tech that matters to you, and provide the information that you need.

Who is Behind GeekLingo?

The founder and owner of GeekLingo is Noeneel Sharma. Noeneel created the site because he is passionate about tech, and felt that most tech sites did not cater specifically for the needs of the home and small business user. Noeneel has a lot of experience of running tech sites and they are his passion. He is also good at what he does.

Noeneel’s mission with GeekLingo is to keep you informed with what is happening in the tech industry – only the relevant stuff that affects you of course. He understands that the average user does not have an interest in the technical specifications and jargon, so with GeekLingo he cuts right through all of that and just provides you with the answers that you need.

Noeneel is based in Australia and has been involved in tech for over 20 years. He has built up his tech expertise over the years through working in reputable industries which include telecommunications, legal, accounting, banking and electricity. He holds a Bachelor in Information Technology, an MBA and a Master of Business Process Management.

His love of gadgets fuels his research and he also loves photography. He also enjoys aquatics and runs the popular forum SKF Aquatics. Noeneel likes connecting with people, and you will find him on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

What should you do now?

Now that you know GeekLingo is the place you need to be you will want to ensure that you don’t miss anything. The easiest way to do this is to subscribe, via the form below, to our free newsletter and you will be notified whenever new content is posted.

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