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A Quick Peek at the D-Link DCS-8302LH

  • 03 min read
  • 01 Nov, 2020
A Quick Peek at the D-Link DCS-8302LH

In a world where almost every household appliance and electronic device is receiving a smart upgrade, don’t forget to trade in the most important devices for smarter models: the devices in your home security system.

Having a smart security system isn’t just convenient; it serves a practical purpose. You can feel more secure with advanced artificial intelligence guarding your home. A smart security camera will keep the watch day and night, poised and ready to ward off any intruders.

The mydylink Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera, model DCS-8302LH, is an excellent outdoor smart security camera for this purpose.

The DCS-8302LH is a stylish but weather-resistant full HD outdoor smart security camera.

It comes equipped with night vision, so you can see what’s happening around your home even in the dark of night. The field of view on this camera is also quite wide, which allows you to see more of what’s going on at home.

Features of the DCS-8302LH

The smart camera features artificial intelligence that can tell the difference between human motion in front of the camera vs. animal motion, insects, and passing cars. Because of this feature, you will not receive useless camera alerts frequently.

The DCS-8302LH has a two-way speaker system and an alarm, so you can speak to people who are in view of the camera. There is a triggerable siren alarm that sounds at 95 decibels to deter any nefarious characters.

The camera will not interfere with your home’s wifi, as many other cameras and home security systems do because they use old IPv4 protocols. The DCS-8302LH supports the new IPv6 protocols.

Furthermore, it supports WPA3 Encryption, the most current encryption protocol, so it provides the highest level of security.

For a cherry on top, the camera is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can immediately stream your live camera feed to any Google Assistant or Alexa-enabled viewing devices.

Pros and Cons


  • The video quality is 1080p, and the resolution is 30 frames per second
  • The camera’s wide-angle field of view is 135°
  • The night vision extends up to 16 feet in total darkness
  • The camera can operate in extreme temperatures, -13 to 113 °F
  • The camera works with Google Assistant and Alexa seamlessly
  • The camera’s companion app is free and available on both Google Play and the Apple App Store
  • Free cloud recording plan (1-day retention) to explore it’s features


  • The camera is not compatible with Siri
  • No PoE support
  • The camera only comes in one colour
  • To retain cloud recordings for more than a day, you must purchase a subscription

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