A Quick Look at the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 – Bluetooth Earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation

We were huge fans of the original Sennheiser Momentum offering: the True Wireless. The sound quality was top of the line. We weren’t fans of the average battery life or the size of the earbuds and the price tag put them out of the range of most audio-purists.

With the Momentum True Wireless 2, we were excited to see if and how things have been tweaked by the audio giant.

Ready to see what’s changed?

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2, the second-generation earbuds blow their predecessor out of the water with improved battery, stellar audio, and improved battery life.

The Momentum’s are off to an epic start with a refined low-frequency range and delicate, crystal clear high frequencies. The highs and lows are well balanced, and you’re able to feel a lot of detail in the sound, across multiple music genres.

There is very minimal sound leaking or reverb, and solid control even with the most pounding of basslines. With a few classic hip-hop tracks, the bassline sounded authoritative and precise.

With video content and Netflix, we got good sound detail with effects and dialogue – loud, clear, and well synced. These earbuds feel a little more put together than the latest Sony offering.

Sennheiser’s newest offering has come on board along with many of the features from premium audio brands including active noise-cancelling. With some more affordable brands offering this kind of technology (albeit with varying levels of success) Sennheiser couldn’t have gone much longer without this addition.

Whilst Sony and a couple of others have the market cornered as far as noise-cancelling technology goes. Whilst they edge Sennheiser out here, it’s not by much. The Momentum True Wireless 2 eliminated the majority of the background and environmental chatter, but our Sony and Audio Technica do it just that little bit better.

Touch controls on the left earpiece helped ease our disappointment, however. These were slick, responsive, and allowed easy music navigation and voice assistance. As an added bonus, Sennheiser also allows you to fully customize your touch control settings to suit your personal listening experience.

Comfortable Design

Whilst Sennheiser didn’t go back to the drawing board with their design, they have managed to trim down the earbuds slightly. This makes for a more comfortable listening experience. The bonus for me was that they stayed in my ears, unlike many others we’ve reviewed. They are easily more wearable than the original Momentum True Wireless and come with a selection of silicone ear tips.

We couldn’t help but think that, for the premium price, Sennheiser could have offered a selection of foam tips, too.

Premium Earphones

These are a premium audio product, and the price reflects that pretty convincingly. More expensive than both Apple’s and Sony’s active noise-cancelling offerings, we’d expect a little more in terms of comfort and peripherals.

Closing Thoughts

Stellar audio performance across every music genre we trialled lands the Momentum True Wireless 2 in our top 3 list of active noise-cancelling earbuds. With easy navigation and responsive touch support, this unit is a high performer indeed.

At this price point, though, we’d expect this level of performance, and maybe even a little something extra. If you are in the market for some new buds, do yourself a favour and add these to your comparison basket.