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A Quick Look at the Brother’s New P-Touch Cube Pro

It’s no secret that the folks at Brother have been leading the charge when it comes to innovative new printing hardware.

Whether it’s their legendary lineup of inkjet, laser, or label printers they keep hitting home runs.

And while the new Brother P-Touch Cube Pro has only just released, people that have had an early look at this hardware are coming away very impressed.

Check out what we think about the new Brother P-Touch Cube Pro below.

All-New Fresh Design

It’s about time a label printer shook things up a little bit when it comes to hardware design.

The overwhelming majority of label printers on the market today look exactly the way you would expect them to (blocky, like oversized calculators, etc.) – but the Brother P-Touch Cube Pro is something new and something fresh.

The cube itself looks like it could have been cooked up by the folks at Apple, even.

It’s a neat, clean, minimalist kind of aesthetic that we think people are going to love. On top of that, the design is highly functional (which is always a big bonus).

Effortless to Use

A smart, fully-featured and rechargeable mobile label printer

Just about everything you ever have to do with the Brother P-Touch Cube Pro can be taken care of through the included three mobile and desktop application.

You’ll be able to download this app to all of your smartphones or tablets (on iOS and Android devices) but will also be able to print directly from your PC, your Mac, or your laptop as well.

This is only possible through the Bluetooth connection built right into the Brother P-Touch Cube Pro itself. As long as you are near the cube you’re going to be good to go! There’s USB support as well if you need a hardwired connection.

The app itself is where you’ll control how this label printer works. You’ll be able to edit what you want to print, design the things you want to have created, and then send them to the printer to be produced – all from a very friendly, easy-to-use, and accessible interface.

Of course, you’ll be able to print up to 36 mm wide labels as well using this Brother device. And you’ll be able to print those labels in stunning high definition (and full-colour) just like you’d expect from any other Brother printer hardware.

The Brother P-Touch Cube Pro is already shaping up to be a cool and exciting new device.