A Quick Look at the ATEN – USB-C Multiport Dock with Power Pass-Through (UH3237)

USB-C Multiport Dock with Power Pass-Through
Image Credit: Aten

Most modern laptops are incredibly thin and powerful – but all that space-saving doesn’t leave a lot of room for extra USB ports. Thankfully, with the help of the ATEN USB-C Multiport Dock, you are going to be able to add up to 13 devices to your laptop with ease.

Best of all, thanks to the numerous different types of port connections, you are going to be able to extend the usability of your laptop as well. Connections for monitors, peripherals, and even daisy-chaining with other USB devices are all available right out of the box.

Let’s dig right into this ATEN USB-C Multiport Dock review!

Quick Specs

  • Supports up to 6 USB + 1 USB C charging ports
  • Power delivery pass-through technology for up to 85 W
  • Multiple power profiles supported
  • Supports native 4K resolution on HDMI and/or VGA connections
  • USB 3.2 Type A and Type C battery charging port built right in
  • Full support for micro SD and other memory cards
  • Audio in/out ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet


The first thing you are going to notice about the ATEN USB-C Multiport Dock is how sleek, how minimalist, and how compact it is – without handicapping the extensibility you can enjoy, either.

This USB C multi-port docking system is only about 3 inches deep and a little over 11 inches wide, and only a quarter-inch thick, so that isn’t going to take up a lot of extra space or clutter up your desk.

The entire unit is built out of high-grade aluminium, giving it that sleek and modern look that goes so well with today’s cutting-edge laptops. The connections and ports are easy to access, perfectly milled, and tightfitting without causing any issue. And everything works right out of the box!

USB-C Multiport Dock with Power Pass-Through
Image Credit: Aten


As far as features are concerned, the ATEN USB-C Multiport Dock is not lacking.

The dock comes with 6 USB ports, the VGA/HDMI connections work as advertised, and you’ll have plenty of power to all of your connected devices through the pass-through technology built right in.

One limitation, assuming due to the card reader chipset, is that you can only use one card (microSD or MMC/SD) at a time. The first card inserted will be designated the priority card, with the other not even showing up on your computer hardware until removed.


When you get right down to it, it’s hard to imagine life without a capable dock like this one.

The price tag is a little bit on the higher side compared to a traditional and USB only hub/docking set up. That said, when you buy the ATEN USB-C Multiport Dock you are dramatically extending the capabilities of your portable computer instantly – and the features you get “under the hood” of this dock are second to none.

Costing around $239AUD, and available from a range of online stores, the ATEN USB-C Multiport Dock is worth every single cent.