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Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment Announce the Formation of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC

Sony have announced the formation of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE). A new entity that will combined the resources, and business operations of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) and Sony Network Entertainment International (SNEI) to establish a stronger entity with a clear vision for the future of the PlayStation® brand.

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. established in 1993, and in 1994 launched the PlayStation® brand in Japan with the PlayStation®1. Bringing a new player into gaming entertainment. Since then, Sony and the PlayStation® brand have continued to innovate, pioneer new and unprecedented features, and create new gamers with every generation.


SIE Will Bring Playstation Divisions Together Under One Banner

Sony Network Entertainment International was launched April 2010. Bringing their online services under one banner. The most notable being the PlayStation™Network (PSN), PlayStation®Store, and their premium gaming service PlayStation®Plus. Also bringing together PlayStation™Vue – a cloud-based TV service, PlayStation™Video and PlayStation™Music– on-demand access of a massive catalog of movies, TV shows, and music. As well as their latest offering, PlayStation™Now – a game streaming service offering a wide range of older generation PlayStation titles.

With the launch of the PlayStation 4 (PS4) in November 2013, it has constantly been at the top of the charts in console and software sales since its launch. Sony have shown they still have it in innovation and delivering something that gamers want, and now is an important time for both SCE and SNEI to utilize and strengthen to ensure that the both Sony and the PlayStation Brand are at the forefront of console gaming through ground-breaking innovation and offering products and services second to none.

Sony Interactive Entertainment will combine both services under one banner. SIE will integrate the strengths of both SCE and SNEI and combine resources across hardware, software, content, and their consumer bases. Strengthening both companies, and fortifying their strongholds as well as expanding into other territories and becoming market leaders.

Sony Interactive Entertainment will be based out their headquarters in San Mateo, California, USA, with key business operations based out of Tokyo and London. Sony Interactive Entertainment will come to effect April 1, 2016.

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