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2017 Gift Guide for that PlayStation Playing Dad, Brother, Husband or Mate

With Father’s Day and Christmas just around the corner, it’s probably a good time to start thinking about what gift to buy that special man in your life. Shopping for a bloke can be quite the trying task at hand. After all, we aren’t always clear on what exactly we want.

Last year, AndroidCentral wrote a pretty good “Best Gifts For PlayStation 4 Owners” guide. Whilst it was a good guide for 2016, there have been plenty of cool new PlayStation tech over the past year so we thought we would write an updated one for 2017.

Let’s take a closer look at some ideas from Sony to feed those video game desires.


Since the arrival of the original PlayStation 4 (PS4) console, game enthusiasts have been treated to a wide range of console options. That aside, there are two core versions of the PS4 – Standard and Pro.

Naturally, the base (standard) model is a popular choice for many. It provides the gaming experience fans have come to love from Sony as well as access to a range of streaming services such Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Spotify.

Sony PlayStation 4

Then, there is the Pro model. It does everything the standard version does and more. The key difference is its ability to deliver a dynamic 4K UHD quality gaming experience. It allows people to watch videos in higher and more vibrant colour ranges. If you already have a 4K TV, you wouldn’t consider any other PS4 version.

Virtual Reality

Take video gaming to the next level and experience virtual reality (VR) gaming with the PlayStation VR. This headset gives gamers a fully immersed experience, taking them away from reality. Recommended last year by AndroidCentral, we have no problems giving it a plug again this year.

However, if they already have a PlayStation VR, then have a look at the Farpoint & Aim Controller bundle. This controller allows players to partake in a first-person shooter game with an actual rifle in hand. This bundle comes with the Farpoint game, but will also work with other games due out in the near future.



Horizon Zero Dawn™

Plenty of games have already come out for the PlayStation 4, but more titles are slated for arrival within the next year. Plenty of genres are available to pick from as well. For the man who likes sports, Rugby League Live 4 is a great option. It allows players to submerge into a real-time game with over 100 different teams. From these teams, over 300 players are available, all of which resemble real-life Rugby players.


For the role player guy, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy might appeal to their interests. This game comes from the developers of previous Uncharted titles and builds upon the continuous storyline. In most cases, it will propel players into situations of high peril that leave the mind and heart racing for more.

Another great option is Horizon: Zero Dawn. In this game, players will have to journey into the life of a young hunter named Aloy. They will follow her into a deeply designed adventure where humanity plays second fiddle to machines. Between these two role-playing titles alone, adventurous guys will have plenty of material to occupy their minds and time. Have a read of our review, the game makes for a great gift.

PlayStation Plus & Store Wallet Top-Ups

This one is a no brainer and tends to be recommended every year. PlayStation Plus is one of the better options for guys who need to stay up to date with all of the games available on the market. This yearly subscription brings them in contact with new content, and it also offers them the chance to access downloads of older games as well. Therefore, they do not have to sacrifice their love for traditional PlayStation titles like Final Fantasy VII or Dragon Age: Origins that came out on previous PlayStation models. It’s also available in a monthly and 3-monthly version.

Instead of giving him an entire year’s membership to PlayStation Plus, people also have the option to give their guys just a top-up in credits to the platform’s Store Wallet. Adding some credits to this Wallet allows gamer guys the chance to purchase games they want without having to pay for them out of pocket. After all, PlayStation Plus downloads do not always come for free.

What are you waiting for?

So there you have it. Giving that special guy the gift of games is a great option. It will keep them entertained for hours on end. At the same time, it feeds their desires and interests in ways that real life might not be able to do so. Therefore, allowing their inner adventurer or sports enthusiast to come out and play with the PlayStation 4 system is a great option from all angles.

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