About Us

GeekLingo is a leading technology consulting firm specializing in blockchain, extended reality (XR) solutions, and mobile application development. Our mission is to bridge the gap between developers and businesses, empowering organizations with the knowledge and tools needed to successfully integrate innovative technologies into their operations.

Our team of experienced professionals provides strategic insights, personalized guidance, and innovative solutions to help clients stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.


Our Services

At GeekLingo, we provide comprehensive technology consulting services, specializing in integration management, extended reality (XR) development, and mobile app consulting. Our expert guidance empowers businesses to seamlessly implement innovative solutions, elevate strategies, and drive growth.


Our Partners

At GeekLingo, we believe in the power of collaboration. Our partnerships with leading technology platforms and service providers enable us to offer our clients the best-in-class solutions and resources tailored to their specific needs.

I’m always open to discussing product design work or partnership